Primus Publishing House was founded in Athens in July 1990. Initially, it was housed on Solonos Street in the center of Athens and due to its upward course, it was moved to a larger area at 27-29 Benaki Street. From 2021 until today it is located at 2 Agiou Konstantinou, in Omonia square.

It was founded by Professor Giota Kapatou, whose contribution to the propagation of the Italian language and culture in Greece was recognized in 2006 by the Italian State with the awarding of medals and the honorary title “Cavaliere dell΄Ordine della Stella Solidarietà Italiana” (Knight of Italy Democracy). Primus Publishing House was one of the first publishing houses in Greece in the field of foreign language education and specifically of the Italian language.

Its foundation arose from the need for Italian language books, due to the very large number of Greek students who were preparing for studies at Italian Universities. Also important was the number of students who wished to participate in the Panhellenic National Examinations for admission to Italian Philology at the University of Thessaloniki. Many years have passed since the publication of Primus Publishing House first book.

Primus Publishing started with the writing of Italian educational books and then with the writing of Spanish and Russian books. The publishing house has now passed on to the next generation with publisher George Pavlis, helper and follower of an effort that connects the knowledge and experience of the past and gives a new impetus with the publication of new books, with new authors and continuous technological progress.

Primus Publishing offers books with modern teaching methods, of all levels, careful grammar and cliffs notes, dictionaries, as well as, a complete set of specialized notes (verbs, prepositions, listening). All Primus books have been taught to thousands of students, helping them to learn the language in depth and to successfully meet the certification exam requirements that are necessary for every student’s CV. These are books that have gained recognition with their use in foreign language centers and Higher Education Institutions. 

The selected writing groups consist of qualified linguists, teachers, Greeks and native speakers, all University graduates. Offering their knowledge and many years of experience from the lessons in the classroom, they create authentic, original, modern and pleasant teaching material. The writing material has been enriched with modern iconographic material, which has been edited by experienced graphic designers, specializing in the foreign language educational book. 

 Primus publishing house, knowing that the role of the teacher is irreplaceable, aims to contribute to its work by providing the teacher’s book. Primus books are loved by the students because they enable them to understand the language of their choice, to speak it fluently and above all they offer them the key to success for any language certification.